Voter Outreach Group Sets Focus on Local Elections

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By Alicia Barrón

August 24, 2020

Voting rights organizations have contacted millions in an attempt to increase voter turnout for the November election.

With Arizona being an undeniable swing state in the 2020 election, several organizations are actively working overtime to try and flip the red state to blue. 

One of those groups is aptly named Swing Left, formed just three years ago in 2017 in response to the 2016 election with the specific goal of taking back the U.S. House of Representatives in the 2018 midterms. 

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Swing Left Communications Manager Alex Pilla tells The Copper Courier, “Our goal was to tap into the grassroots energy that was sparked by the election of Donald Trump and direct it at the most competitive races where grassroots volunteer hours and dollars could make the biggest difference in propelling the Democrats to victory.”

All group photos were taken pre COVID pandemic

Now, their strategy has expanded to include winning the White House, the Senate, and several key state legislature seats. 

Swing Left Political Director Ryan Quinn adds, “Arizona’s Senate seat is an absolute must-win for Democrats on the path to victory in the Senate. There is no Democratic Senate Majority without a Senator Mark Kelly. He is an absolute superstar Democratic candidate and has built an incredible campaign.”

All group photos were taken pre COVID pandemic

And although Kelly remains in a strong position against McSally, Quinn affirms it will remain a priority for Swing Left to help him and other candidates up and down the ballot come out on top. 

When it comes to the Arizona State Legislature, Pilla tells us that Democrats have the best chance to flip both chambers since the 1960s. “We are seeing a very clear path to the majority in both the House and the Senate.”

Swing Left is currently targeting the following nine state legislative races in Arizona to win a majority, as Democrats seek to flip two seats in the Arizona House and three seats in the Arizona Senate. 

All group photos were taken pre COVID pandemic

● AZ-HD-6: Coral Evans

● AZ-HD-17: Jennifer Pawlik 

● AZ-HD-20: Judy Schwiebert

● AZ-SD-6 Felicia French

● AZ-SD-17 Ajlan Kurdoglu

● AZ-SD-20 Douglas Ervin

● AZ-SD-28 Christine Marsh

Swing Left successfully helped organize and mobilize what they call a “Blue Wave” of grassroots volunteers and donors to help flip the House in 2018. 

All group photos were taken pre COVID pandemic

In fact, since launching in 2017, the organization has grown to over a million members across the U.S. Pilla said Swing Left has raised $11 million by knocking on 5 million doors and making 2.5 million phone calls to voters to help 55 Democratic candidates running in swing districts during the midterm election.

“In 2020, we are aiming to top these achievements by winning the White House, flipping the Senate, and turning key state legislatures in 10 states Blue to protect against Republican gerrymandering,” Pilla said. 

Photo courtesy of Swing Left

Anyone who wants to get involved can go to Swing Left and find local Arizona Swing Left groups, as well as a Swing Left “Take Action” tool that gives suggestions as to how to take action to help. 

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