Arizona Votes: Bernabe Soto Soto

Photo by Kassandra Alvarez

By Kassandra Alvarez

November 3, 2020

Don Bernabe Soto Soto became a US citizen in 1996 and has voted in every election since then. Soto speaks only Spanish and relies on ballots and election information in Spanish in order to make informed decisions when voting.

This year, Soto feels confident that he came prepared to vote for his community.

Unable to drive due to his health, Soto was driven to his polling place by his family. He took the time to vote early, because he wanted to make sure his vote would be counted and his voice would be heard in this election.

Soto says he feels disappointed in the current state of the country. “I want a change… I don’t like racism, violence,” said Soto. “And it can get worse if Latinos don’t show up to vote.” He also expressed his vote reflected those feelings.

In this election, Don Bernabe voted for Joe Biden and hopes Kamala Harris supports him in making a difference. “I watch a lot of news to stay updated,” he added, sharing he stays up to date with state and national campaigns, “and I really hope we have a new administration.”

Don Bernabe shared he was discouraged by the resources and programs President Trump was taking away.

“What Donald Trump is doing is wrong,” he said, inviting all Hispanic voters to show up. “This is the moment to vote,” he added.

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