Arizona Votes: Janae-Ben Shabat

Photo by Kassandra Alvarez

By Kassandra Alvarez

November 3, 2020

Janae Ben-Shabat lives in Downtown Phoenix and is voting early to feel secure about her vote being counted.

Not a supporter of Trump or his administration, she chose to vote for Joe Biden, believing he is the better choice between them. “Trump breeds division and hate,” said Janae explaining her choice.

Janae grew up in Israel, and as a Jewish woman, she believes her upbringing made a great impression on how she judges the world. “Equal resources and equity are different things,” she said, “I want to be in a country that cares for communities of color and considers its global footprint.”

Locally, one proposition on the ballot making a difference is the legalization of marijuana, “I’m not a marijuana user, but it’s alarming this is still an issue,” she said. Also, considering the education system, Janae felt the Invest in Education bill was not fair, suggesting a flat rate tax can be more beneficial for Arizona schools.

Other topics she hopes candidates address are homelessness and how to support this population. 

Janae is sure the 2020 election will be decisive for civil rights and environmental justice, noting her “vote matters.”

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