VIDEO: Feds are banning humorous electronic messages on highways

VIDEO: Feds are banning humorous electronic messages on highways

By Associated Press

January 18, 2024
@coppercourier It's no joke. Humorous and quirky messages on electronic signs will soon disappear from highways and freeways nationwide. The US Federal Highway Administration has given states two years to implement all the changes outlined in its new 1,100-page manual released last month, including rules that spell out how signs and other traffic control devices are regulated. Administration officials said overhead electronic signs with obscure meanings, references to pop culture, or those intended to be funny will be banned in 2026 because they can be misunderstood or distracting to drivers. The agency, part of the US Department of Transportation, said signs should be "simple, direct, brief, legible and clear" and only be used for important information such as warning drivers of crashes, adverse weather conditions, and traffic delays. Seatbelt reminders and warnings about the dangers of speeding or driving impaired are also allowed. Arizona has more than 300 electronic signs above its highways. The State Department of Transportation (@arizona_dot) has held a contest for the last seven years to find the funniest and most creative messages. ✍️: Associated Press . . . . . #arizonadrivers #arizonatraffic #freewaysigns #highwaysigns #funnysigns #aznews #arizonanews #azcheck #arizonacheck ♬ Hurts Me (Alone At Prom) – Tory Lanez


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