VIDEO: Jill Biden gives commencement speech at Mesa Community College

By Copper Courier Staff

May 13, 2024
@coppercourier On Saturday, Jill Biden told Arizona community college graduates to tune out the people who like to say to them what they can’t do. The first lady shared with graduates of Mesa Community College how her high school guidance counselor told her she wasn’t college material and shouldn’t waste her time going. She didn’t listen and got her college degree. Then she got three more, including two master’s degrees and, at age 55, a doctorate in educational leadership. She went to school at night while raising three children and working full-time. The first lady has been a teacher for more than 30 years and has taught English and writing at Northern Virginia Community College since 2009. She encouraged the graduates to “drown out” the voices that say “can’t” and to remember the challenges they overcame to get to wear a cap and gown on Saturday. “You’ve met life’s challenges before. And you know that on the other side of ‘can’t’ lies the beauty and joy and surprise of life, the adventure that changes us for the better,” she said. “And you are ready for it.” 📸 : Associated Press . . . . #jillbiden #jillbidenfirstlady #mesa #mesaaz #mesacommunity #mesacommunitycollege #mesacommunitycollegeartdepartment #mesaarizonacommunity #comencementspeech #comencement #college #collegegrad #collegegraduate #collegegraduation2024 #graduation2024 #collegegraduation2024👩‍🎓 ♬ original sound – Copper Courier




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