Youth councils: A new force for adolescent health in Arizona

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June 11, 2024

This move is part of a broader initiative to empower the youth to address public health issues affecting their demographic, not just during the National Adolescent Health Month celebrated in May, but all year round.

Youth councils are being positioned as platforms for young leaders to tackle pressing health issues within their local communities. These topics range from bullying prevention, suicide prevention, and promoting healthy relationships, to encouraging regular visits to the doctor, along with injury prevention and dental care.

ADHS believes in the potential of young people as agents of change in their communities, recognizing their creativity, passion, and resilience in meeting the challenges they often face. This initiative is built on the fundamentals of creating positive youth experiences, relationships, and environments.

One significant advantage of the youth councils is the amplification of youth voices at both the local and state levels. Council members contribute to state-level projects and biennial Adolescent Health Conference development, shaping policies and practices through their unique perspectives. They also play a vital role in addressing crucial health issues within their communities.

These youth councils have been sharing ADHS’s social media messages, providing information on the projects to their communities throughout Arizona. This activity represents the dedication, commitment, and passion of these young leaders to improve adolescent health on a wider scale.

With continued investment in youth empowerment and engagement, ADHS aims to strengthen communities while nurturing a generation of future leaders. These leaders will be equipped to handle tomorrow’s challenges with confidence and compassion, promising a brighter, healthier future for the young people of Arizona.

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