Where to rent & use a SUP around Phoenix

Where to rent & use a SUP around Phoenix

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By Maura Derr

June 24, 2024

Your guide to SUP fun in the desert! Discover the top five places to rent a stand-up paddleboard in Phoenix, plus the best spots to take it out on the water. 

Summertime has arrived in the Valley of the Sun with pitchers of iced tea, the scent of sunscreen, and a call to outdoor adventuring. With one of the most vibrant and unique landscapes in the southwest, Phoenix is no stranger to adventure. In addition to beautiful hiking trails, scenic rock climbing, and outstanding mountain biking, the Greater Phoenix Area offers all sorts of water activities, including stand-up paddle boarding, popularly referred to as “SUP.” 

Not only is SUP an exhilarating outdoor activity and a great way to explore outdoor scenery, but it’s also a fun, low-impact exercise. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can customize your SUP experience to fit your needs. From classic SUP to variations ranging from paddleboard yoga to paddleboard surfing and fishing, there’s something for everyone out on the water. 

Discover where you can rent a paddleboard and spend the day on the water in Phoenix.


Where to SUP the day away

Lake Pleasant

Located in the Northwest part of the valley, Lake Pleasant offers a beautiful, expansive body of water for paddleboarding. With 10,000 acres of serene water, soft sand, rocky cliffs, and cacti, Lake Pleasant provides a unique desert experience for anyone looking to try SUP for the first time or looking to hone in on their skills.

If you’re looking to make a weekend out of your SUP excursion, this is the spot for you. With camp and RV sites sprinkled all along the water’s edge, you can fill your adventure with sunrise paddle sessions, evenings spent by the water, and lots of time connecting with nature.

At Lake Pleasant, you can expect to get 3 miles out and back of paddle distance. The water is ideal for all skill levels.

Saguaro Lake

Saguaro Lake is a Phoenix favorite, and for good reason. Not only is it close to Phoenix, but it also offers something fun for everyone in the family (stand-up paddle boarder and water enthusiast alike). Its 22 miles of shoreline include restaurants, picnic tables, public bathrooms, and a marina, making it a stress-free and family-friendly option.

At Saguaro Lake, you can expect to get up to 8 miles of paddle distance. The water is perfect for individuals of all skill levels from beginner to expert.

Tempe Town Lake

If you’re seeking an urban adventure, look no further than Tempe Town Lake. It’s conveniently located near Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Mesa, which makes it the perfect spot for busy individuals looking to fit a SUP session into their daily schedule. It’s also a great place to meet new friends! On Tuesdays and Fridays, you can join Riverbound Sports’ SUP meetups at the Tempe Lake Marina.

You can also experience Tempe Town Lake’s annual 4th of July fireworks in a whole new way — from the middle of the water! Skip the crowds and paddle out to the middle of the lake for an unforgettable experience.

Tempe Town Lake offers 2 miles of paddle distance. Its smooth water is perfect for beginners to get the hang of the sport as well as for experienced boarders to practice their speed.

Lower Salt River

The Lower Salt River offers some of the most incredible and scenic views in the Phoenix area. As you paddle your way along the river, you can expect to spot wild horses, bald eagles, bighorn sheep, and more — it’s truly a magical and special place. This SUP adventure is best suggested for experienced paddleboarders since you are required to paddle against a current, which can be challenging (especially on windy days). You can expect a 2-4 mile round trip on the river.

Canyon Lake

Escape into the Superstition Mountains for a memorable experience at Canyon Lake. Canyon Lake is the perfect spot for all skill levels, with three different recreational sites to choose from (Acacia Picnic Site, the Palo Verde Recreation Site, and Boulder Creek Recreation Site), it provides the opportunity for boarders to choose their distance, difficulty, and route.

Regardless of which drop-in site you choose, you can expect to be surrounded by peaceful waters, lush greenery, and beautiful red rock canyon walls.


Where to Rent a SUP at each spot

Lake Pleasant: Go Paddle AZ

Go Paddle offers high-quality stand-up paddleboard rentals perfect for beginners as well as experienced boarders. For $25, you’ll get an hour of paddle board time as well as all the equipment and instruction you need. If you’re a first-timer, you also get a five-minute complimentary lesson. Each additional hour is $15.

Saguaro Lake – Riverbound Sports

Riverbound Sports makes it easy and stress-free to rent a standup paddleboard for a fun-filled day at Saguaro Lake. With a convenient pickup location in Tempe, you can pick up your paddle board the night before or on your way to the lake. Starting at $40 a day, you can choose between an inflatable SUP (perfect for backpacking your SUP to more remote launch locations) or a hard SUP.

Tempe Town Lake – Tempe Boat Rentals & NorthShore Watersport Rentals

Being the only urban spot for SUP in Phoenix, Tempe Town Lake has a couple of different rental shop options, including Riverbound Sports, Tempe Boat Rentals, and NorthShore Watersport Rentals.

Tempe Boat Rentals is conveniently located near Tempe Town Lake, allowing you to rent your SUP and be on the water within minutes. Each rental includes a life vest and paddle. Rates include 1 hour for $25 or two hours for $35.

NorthShore Watersport Rentals specializes in paddleboard, kayak, and bicycle rentals. They offer three different high-quality paddleboard brands, perfect for beginners and experts alike. Their full-service approach provides beginners with the option for a staff member to bring your rental to the lake, teach you the basics, and then return the rental to the shop! Renters also have the option for self-service. Rates start at $30/hour, $35 for two hours, or an all-day rental for $40.

Lower Salt River: Lower Salt Rentals

Lower Salt Rentals offers a pickup location minutes away from the Salt River (and Saguaro Lake). They offer both standard and large paddleboards, and each rental includes paddles, life vests, universal vehicle mounting solutions, and straps. For those looking to fish, you can rent a day-of fishing pole and seat. Unlike many other rental companies, Lower Salt Rentals rents paddle boards by the day rather than the hour, allowing boarders more flexibility and freedom to enjoy the water.

Canyon Lake: Yak N’ SUP

Yak N’ Sup offers several different SUP rental options. Choose between a single paddleboard, a tandem paddleboard, and a six-person paddleboard! Whether you’re looking for a self-guided experience, a personalized lesson, or just a fun day with friends, SUP has an adventure option for everyone. 

This article first appeared on Good Info News Wire and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.Where to rent & use a SUP around PhoenixWhere to rent & use a SUP around Phoenix


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