Hundred of protestors took to the streets of downtown Phoenix as part of the worldwide Global Youth Climate Strike pushing for more political action on climate change.

While the march was centered around and organized by students high school-aged and younger, the crowd also included teachers, scientists, and politicians. They held signs demanding the government take action and chanted “You can’t drink oil, keep it in the soil,” and “We are unstoppable, a better world is possible.”

Organizers estimated 1,500 people participated in the Phoenix rally, which started at the Maricopa County Courthouse and marched to the Arizona State Capitol.

The demonstration was timed to occur three days before the United Nations’ 2019 Climate Action Summit. However, organizers said holding the rally at the state capitol was about getting action at the state level as well.

The group had three central demands of Arizona legislators: to declare a “climate emergency”; stop new fossil fuel infrastructure and put a climate resiliency plan in place.

Aditi Narayanan, who helped organize a similar rally six months ago, was in attendance. She acknowledged that there would be challenges getting Arizona to implement changes statewide. “In the Legislature, the Republicans do outnumber those Democrats, but there are still ways to make concrete change.” She said that when her group meets with Republican lawmakers, they were careful to emphasize the business opportunities of climate change.

Organizers hoped the rally would inspire attendees to call their legislators, pick up trash in their communities and spread the word about the climate crisis. There is a second climate strike planned for Friday, Sept. 27, after the United Nations has met.

Youth also marched in Tucson, Payton and Prescott.

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