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For Jazmine Troutt, not voting is no longer an option.

As she dropped her early ballot off at her polling place at the Mercado, in Guadalupe, Arizona, she shared the story of her parents and grandmother and how they taught her, “her vote was her strongest voice.”

“Voting is important for my family… it is a tradition,” she said while sharing why voting early was discussed amongst her family. To Jazmine, this election came with some disappointment. A few family members were divided in their vote, but ultimately, her family’s focus is on uplifting and encouraging the power of their vote.

Jazmine supports and identifies her voice with Black Lives Matter and the LGBTQ rights movement; understanding her vote represents her activism. “I feel my vote and my advocacy on social media lifts the community I connect with,” she mentioned. In 2020, Jazmine decided to vote with the Democratic Party, as she felt those candidates represented her interest.

At 29, Jazmine has missed two elections and would tell new voters, or those who are unsure if they will vote, to “use your strongest voice.”

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