CNN Reporter and Crew Arrested on Live TV While Reporting on Minneapolis Protests

While living on air, Omar Jiménez — who identifies as Black and Latino — was handcuffed and led away, together with his team. Here's what happened.

man and woman speak to each other in Arizona House with masks on
Arizona Senate Adjourns Without Taking Up Coronavirus Bills

The Arizona Senate abruptly adjourned for the year on Tuesday, effectively killing nearly 30 House-approved bills that were scheduled for a vote.

Joe Biden wearing sunglasses and black face mask
Biden Aims to Move Left Without Abandoning Centrist Roots As He Leads Arizona

Joe Biden is leading the polls in Arizona as he balances his centrist roots with a push to move further left on certain issues, including healthcare.

Healthcare Workers in Coronavirus Crisis
How to Clean and Store Your COVID-19 Face Mask

In spite of states reopening, using protection to avoid the spread of COVID-19 is still recommended. Many ask "How should I clean and store my face mask?" Here's what the experts say.

AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin
Taxpayers Still on the Hook For Arpaio’s $178 Million Racial Profiling Case

The taxpayer tab for the racial profiling case focusing on former Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s immigration patrols is expected to reach at least $178 million.

westgate shooter
Westgate Shooter Intended to Harm 10 People For Respect

Police officials said the gunman’s goal was to target 10 victims to gain respect after feeling he’d been bullied in his life.

CDC Guide reopen
Blink and You’ll Miss It: CDC Finally—and Quietly—Releases Guide on Reopening

The guidance discusses different steps organizations can take as they reopen from closures aimed at stopping the virus's spread. For example, the CDC suggests restaurants might transition from take-out only to reopening dining rooms with customers spaced six feet apart.