double capacity
Army Corps of Engineers Helping Arizona Double Hospital Capacity As Virus Surges

As coronavirus cases in Arizona continue to surge, the state is looking to open closed hospitals to double capacity.

Arizona Republican Lawmakers Not Interested in Democratic Relief Package for Workers, Educators

"I don't have an appetite right now for pork," said Rep. Travis Grantham. "And based on what I've heard from a lot of the folks on the other side of the aisle, a lot of their emergency measures are just that."

Arizona Taxpayers Are About to Pay For Out-Of-State Charter Schools

A bill on its way to Gov. Ducey’s desk would allow some of the state’s $110 million school voucher money be spent at charter schools beyond state lines.

Ducey Declares State of Emergency Over Coronavirus. Here’s What That Means.

As of Thursday morning, 115 people have been tested for the coronavirus in Arizona, and nine have contracted the illness.