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medical workers in protective suit places hand on patient in ICE bed
Arizona Has Fewer Than 200 ICU Beds Available

Arizona’s availability of beds isn’t the only resource being stressed. Hospitals have asked workers from other cities and states to help keep things moving.

line of cars with masked person approaching a driver's window
Where’s My COVID Test? That’s What Arizonans Are Asking As Cases Spike.

While President Trump has pushed to decrease testing, health experts say current testing levels still aren’t enough to help contain the virus' resurgence.

crowd at Trump rally in Phoenix showing only one person wearing a mask
Trump Crowd Ignores Phoenix’s Mask Mandate

As President Donald Trump came to Phoenix on Tuesday for a rally, a common question rose up from the public: "Will people wear masks?"

Dream City Church Pastor and CFO
No, Air Purifiers Will Not Keep You Safe From Coronavirus No Matter What These Guys Say

Leaders from the Phoenix megachurch hosting Trump’s rally falsely told the public it is safe to attend thanks to their new air purification system.

Malee's owner Deirdre wearing mask and gloves packing bags
This Restaurant Owner Decided Not to Reopen for Dine-in. Here’s Why She Says She Made the Right Choice.

Several Phoenix-area bars and restaurants have ended up limiting operations in recent weeks due to employees testing positive for the coronavirus.

Facebook Photo/Shawné Jackson
Family Says Dad Would Still Be Alive If Casino Hadn’t Reopened

Washington’s case is one of many COVID-related deaths that have occurred since people began to return to the workplace in early May.

Gov. Ducey standing in front of "Arizona Together" sign
Gov. Ducey Follows Trump’s Lead, Continues to Open Business Despite COVID Increases

The Arizona governor has been following Trump's lead in prioritizing the economy over public health throughout the coronavirus pandemic.