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lightning above Courthouse Buttes near Sedona, AZ
Getting Hit By Lightning, Venomous Snake Bites, and UFO Sightings More Common Than Voter Fraud in US

There have been only six cases of voter impersonation found between 2000 and 2012 after investigating 2,000 public records.

hand holding early ballots up to ballot drop box slot
Courts Are Hurrying to Decide on Arizona Election Rules. Here’s Where They Stand.

While the bulk of Arizona’s election system remains the same this year, some potential changes brought on by the pandemic are up in the air with the courts.

close-up up place for signature on ballot affidavit
Arizona AG Wants to Pause Ruling That Allows More Time to Remedy Unsigned Ballots

Just over 3,000 early ballots returned during the 2016 general election were rejected for not having a signature.