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Photo by LM Otero, Associated Press
Trump’s Attempt to Block Undocumented Migrants From Census Deemed Not ‘Remotely Convincing’ by Courts

The White House requested that a separate census count be created that tallied the number of undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.

Rep Biggs speaking with Rep Lesko
Rep. Biggs Wants Trump to Disband the COVID-19 Task Force While Virus Rages in Arizona

Rep. Andy Biggs has also provided a platform for controversial figures whose content has been removed by social media outlets for providing misinformation.

Dream City Church Pastor and CFO
No, Air Purifiers Will Not Keep You Safe From Coronavirus No Matter What These Guys Say

Leaders from the Phoenix megachurch hosting Trump’s rally falsely told the public it is safe to attend thanks to their new air purification system.