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Image courtesy Clean Elections Commission Debate
WATCH: Rep. Kern Mocks Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego for COVID-19 Public Health Rules

Kern recently defended his disregard for Phoenix's public health efforts, questioning the need to follow rules put in place by a "Democrat mayor."

Photo by Bob Christie, Associated Press
Lawmakers Weigh in on Extending Unemployment Benefits

We reached out to members of Arizona's House of Representatives to see if they support additional legislation to help unemployed Arizonans.

Photo by Gage Skidmore.
Women’s Health Advocates Respond to Rep. Blackman’s Attacks on Women’s Reproductive Rights

The state lawmaker made several unfounded claims regarding reproductive rights in a recent video posted on social media.

illustration of person sitting on beach chair next to McSally with virus symbols
As Arizona Hits Record COVID-19 Numbers, McSally Introduces Bill Encouraging Vacations

The goal of the bill isn’t to give Americans a relaxing time away from home — it’s to boost sales for tourism industries.

Photo by Gage Skidmore
This Lawmaker Voted to Protect His Business From COVID Liabilities — Then His Employee Caught It

Rep. Jeff Weninger voted in favor of a bill that would have protected him from legal action if someone caught the coronavirus at one of his restaurants.