Black men with inhaler
Coronavirus Is Hitting Black and Brown Communities the Hardest

Although anyone can contract COVID-19, the virus devastates the poor, the vulnerable, the marginalized and communities of color in larger numbers. 

Dirty wipes and debris surround the inner workings of the Warren Water Recovery Facility. Photo courtesy of Bryan Clor
Photos: A Gross Look at Why Americans Need to Stop Flushing Disposable Wipes

In Michigan, people flushing disposable wipes is wreaking havoc on the Red Run Drain. Coronavirus germs could linger on these wipes washing up into residents’ backyards.

Arizona's tourist
One of Arizona’s Most Popular Tourist Sites Shutdown Over Coronavirus

Permit holders for one of Arizona’s most popular tourist destinations are going to have to wait a little longer to explore the Havasupai waterfalls.

Tucson toilets
Tucson Offering Free Toilets to Reduce Water Waste

The city of Tucson is are working to cut down on water usage by offering to replace some families’ old, leaky toilets for free.

Radiation Victim Urges Arizona to Oppose Uranium Mining

After months of silence, conservationists and victims of uranium radiation renew calls for Sen. Martha McSally to support mining ban around Grand Canyon.

species extinct
1 in 3 Species Could Be Extinct by 2070

University of Arizona researchers found that a third of species could be extinct in 50 years if global warming is not reduced.

fossil fuels
Nearly All Of Arizona’s $57 Million In Environmental Lawsuit To Go To Fossil Fuels

With state policy favoring fossil fuel, Phoenix partnered with the EPA to replace some of the city's gas guzzling trucks for low-emission vehicles.