Latino 2020 Census
There’s Still Time! Here’s Why It’s Important For All Latino Communities to Fill Out the 2020 Census

The deadline for this year’s 2020 Census was pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so Americans now have until Oct. 31 to make themselves count.

child with pigtails running with backpack on
Childcare Centers Prepare For More Kids As Arizona Parents Go Back to Work

Childcare centers are quickly reopening locations they shuttered during the pandemic to accommodate families who are heading back to work.

People shouting with megaphones
How To Actually Talk Politics and Keep the Peace With Your Family

Dreading that virtual reunion with family or friends in case politics rears its argumentative, polarizing head? Here’s how to safely speak your mind in 5 simple steps.

working mom mother's day
This Working Mom Rediscovers Motherhood During COVID-19 Pandemic

Working mom María Jesús Cervantes said she knows today will be a Mother's Day like no other, but she wouldn't have it any other way.

14-year-old girl sitting on motorized transport chair connected to SUV
This Phoenix Teenager With Muscular Dystrophy Needs Your Help. Here’s How You Can Do It.

Mackenzie, 14, whose family has financially been impacted by COVID-19, needs a motorized transport chair to get in and out of her family car.

AP Photo/Janelle Cogan
My Boyfriend Is an Essential Worker. The Truth Is, I Hate It.

Reporter Janelle Cogan shares what it's like to date and live with an "essential worker," and opens up about the stress and anxiety it entails.

Image via Shutterstock.
There’s a Surge in Pet Fostering Volunteers Thanks to Coronavirus

While some shelters struggle to take care of abandoned animals, others have established emergency foster care programs and can't keep up with the demand.