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photo of the outside of the front of Metrocenter mall with sign
Metrocenter is Expected to Be Demolished. Here’s What’s Going in Its Place.

The Metrocenter redevelopment will include 2,600 apartment units as well as stores, restaurants, a park, an amphitheater, and more. 

overhead shot of a Phoenix neighborhood
Middle-Class Arizonans Are Being Pushed Out of the Housing Market

A low supply of affordable homes in the Phoenix area is creating an extremely competitive housing market.

Arizona Working to Tackle Its Affordable Housing Crisis

Fund asks homebuyers, developers and real estate agents to donate $25 when they close on a sale

Realtors Say Light Rail Has Boosted Adjacent Property Values

Phoenix residents have repeatedly voiced their support for the city’s light rail, and according to a recent study, they’re also willing to pay more to live near a station.  Home prices climbed 56% around light rail hubs in metro Phoenix, compared to 40% in other parts of the Valley between 2012 and 2016, according to...

Phoenix saw its average rental price surge by 5.8% during the first half of 2019.
Arizona Rent Prices Keep Going Up

Arizona’s peak rental season is coming to an end and the snowbirds are starting to flood in, so we decided to take a page from AZ Big Media’s book and take a look at the most expensive rental areas in Arizona. According to, the two most expensive zip codes are in Scottsdale, where the...