Uber Unveils 911 Texting Feature to Protect Passengers

Drivers and passengers in distress can now send their precise GPS coordinates to first responders through the rideshare company's app.

AZ Travel ID
ADOT & Sky Harbor Teaming Up on AZ Travel ID Law Awareness

Starting this holiday season, Arizona Department of Transportation employees will be at the airport to raise awareness about the AZ Travel ID law.

City Council Votes to Levy Fees on Ridesharing Services From Sky Harbor

More Americans are flying than ever before, and they’re increasingly relying on ridesharing companies to get them to and from airports, creating nightmare traffic scenarios at terminals around the country.  Responding to the crush of vehicles, airports and cities have started making changes. Los Angeles International Airport recently announced that it was banning ridesharing companies...

Bird And Lime Temporarily Remove Their Scooters From Phoenix

Less than a week after Phoenix’s e-scooter pilot program launched, Lime and Bird have temporarily removed their e-scooters from the city after city officials warned them over their noncompliance with a parking rule. The companies removed their scooters on Thursday night, after the Phoenix New Times uncovered that neither company was requiring riders to park...

E-Scooters Have Come to Phoenix (For Now, At Least)

If you live or work in downtown Phoenix, chances are you’re starting to see electric scooters pouring into the city. And if you haven’t yet, you will soon, because the city’s six-month pilot program for the use of e-scooters began on September 16.  The program includes geo-fence docking locations, boundary areas and no-ride zones, which...

Central Ave - Phoenix Metro Light Rail
Phoenix Voters Overwhelmingly Reject Ban on Expanded Light-Rail And Capping City Services

Phoenix voters went to the polls on Tuesday with the chance to permanently freeze the city’s light-rail program and to force elected officials to pay off $4.5 billion in pension debt before creating new city services. Both ballot measures caused heated debate and saw hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on them, but ultimately, voters...