Morgaine Ford-Workman/The Copper Courier
Morgaine Ford-Workman/The Copper Courier

Here are the best ways to contact your elected representatives and senators in the Arizona Legislature in addition to your US Congress members.

Not sure which district you live in? Click here to find out.

Arizona Legislature

District 1: Prescott

Rep. Judy M. Burges, Republican:; 602-926-3256

Rep. Quang H. Nguyen, Republican:; 602-926-3258

Sen. Karen Fann, Republican:; 602-926-5874

District 2: south Tucson

Rep. Andrea Dalessandro, Democrat:; 602-926-5342

Rep. Daniel Hernández Jr., Democrat:; 602-926-4840

Sen. Rosanna Gabaldon, Democrat:; 602-926-3424

District 3: Tucson

Rep. Andrés Cano, Democrat:; 602-926-3027

Rep. Alma Hernandez, Democrat:; 602-926-3136

Sen. Sally Ann Gonzales, Democrat:; 602-926-3278

District 4: Yuma, Ajo

Rep. Brian Fernandez, Democrat:; 602-926-3098

Rep. Joel John, Republican:; 602-926-3276

Sen. Lisa Otondo, Democrat:; 602-926-3002

District 5: Kingman

Rep. Leo Biasiucci, Republican:; 602-926-3018

Rep. Regina E. Cobb, Republican:; 692-926-3126

Sen. Sonny Borrelli, Republican:; 602-926-5051

District 6: Flagstaff, Sedona, Payson, Snowflake

Rep. Brenda Barton, Republican:; 602-926-3421

Rep. Walter Blackman, Republican:; 602-926-3043

Sen. Wendy Rogers, Republican:; 602-926-3042

District 7: east Flagstaff, Winslow

Rep. Jasmine Blackwater-Nygren, Democrat:

Rep. Myron Tsosie, Democrat:; 602-926-3157

Sen. Theresa Hatathlie, Democrat:; 602-926-5160

District 8: Coolidge, Florence, Globe, Superior

Rep. Neal Carter, Republican:; 602-926-5761

Rep. David L. Cook, Republican:; 602-926-5162

Sen. Thomas (TJ) Shope, Republican:; 602-926-3012

District 9: north Tucson, Catalina Foothills

Rep. Christopher Mathis, Democrat:; 602-926-3138

Rep. Pamela Powers Hannley, Democrat:; 602-926-4848

Sen. Victoria Steele, Democrat:; 602-926-5683

District 10: east Tucson

Rep. Morgan Abraham, Democrat:; 602-926-5178

Rep: Domingo DeGrazia, Democrat:; 602-926-3153

Sen. Stephanie Stahl Hamilton, Democrat:; 602-926-3279

District 11: Maricopa, Marana, Oro Valley

Rep. Mark Finchem, Republican:; 602-926-3122

Rep. Teresa Martinez, Republican:; 602-926-3158

Sen. Vince Leach, Republican:; 602-926-3106

District 12: Gilbert, Queen Creek

Rep. Travis Grantham, Republican:; 602-926-4868

Rep. Jake Hoffman, Republican:; 602-926-3292

Sen. Warren Petersen, Republican:; 602-926-4136

District 13: Yuma, Goodyear, Buckeye

Rep. Tim Dunn, Republican:; 602-926-4139

Rep. Joanne Osborne, Republican:; 602-926-3181

Sen. Sine Kerr, Republican:; 602-926-5955

District 14: Morenci, Tombstone, Sierra Vista, Bisbee

Rep. Lupe Diaz, Republican:; 602-926-4852

Rep. Gail Griffin, Republican:; 602-926-5895

Sen. David Gowan, Republican:; 602-926-5154

District 15: north Phoenix

Rep. Steve Kaiser, Republican:; 602-926-3314

Rep. Justin Wilmeth, Republican:; 602-926-5044

Sen. Nancy Barto, Republican:; 602-926-5766

District 16: Apache Junction

Rep. John M. Fillmore, Republican:; 602-926-3187

Rep. Jacqueline Parker, Republican:; 602-926-3375

Sen. Kelly Townsend, Republican:; 602-926-4467

District 17: Chandler

Rep. Jennifer Pawlik, Democrat:; 602-926-3193

Rep. Jeff Weninger, Republican:; 602-926-3092

Sen. J. D. Mesnard, Republican:; 602-926-4481

District 18: Ahwatukee, Guadalupe

Rep. Mitzi Epstein, Democrat:; 602-926-4870

Rep. Jennifer Jermaine, Democrat:; 602-926-3199

Sen. Sean Bowie, Democrat:; 602-926-3004

District 19: Avondale, Tolleson

Rep. Diego Espinoza, Democrat:; 602-926-3134

Rep. Lorenzo Sierra, Democrat:; 602-926-3211

Sen. Lupe Contreras, Democrat:; 602-926-5284

District 20: north Phoenix

Rep. Shawnna Bolick, Republican:; 602-926-3132

Rep. Judy Schwiebert, Democrat:; 602-926-3390

Sen. Paul Boyer, Republican:; 602-926-4173

District 21: Peoria, Surprise

Rep. Kevin Payne, Republican:; 602-926-4854

Rep. Beverly Pingerelli, Republican:; 602-926-3396

Sen. Rick Gray, Republican:; 602-926-5413

District 22: Surprise, Sun City

Rep. Frank P. Carroll, Republican:; 602-926-3436

Rep. Ben Toma, Republican:; 602-926-3298

Sen. David Livingston, Republican:; 602-926-4178

District 23: Carefree, Fountain Hills, Paradise Valley

Rep. Joseph Chaplik, Republican:; 602-926-3436

Rep. John Kavanagh, Republican:; 602-926-5170

Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita, Republican:; 602-926-4480

District 24: central Phoenix, Scottsdale

Rep. Jennifer Longdon, Democrat:; 602-926-2364

Rep. Amish Shah, Democrat:; 602-926-3280

Sen. Lela Alston, Democrat:; 602-926-5829

District 25: east Mesa

Rep. Russell “Rusty” Bowers, Republican:; 602-926-3128

Rep. Michelle Udall, Republican:; 602-926-4856

Sen. Tyler Pace, Republican:; 602-926-5760

District 26: Tempe, Mesa, Salt River

Rep. Melody Hernandez, Democrat:; 602-926-3449

Rep. Athena Salman, Democrat:; 602-926-4858

Sen. Juan Mendez, Democrat:; 602-926-4124

District 27: south Phoenix

Rep. Reginald Bolding, Jr., Democrat:; 602-926-3132

Rep. Marcelino Quiñonez Democrat:; 602-926-3285

Sen. Rebecca Rios, Democrat:; 602-926-3073

District 28: north Phoenix, Paradise Valley

Rep. Kelli Butler, Democrat:; 602-926-5156

Rep. Sarah Liguori, Democrat:; 602-926-3300

Sen. Christine Marsh, Democrat:; 602-926-3184

District 29: Glendale, Maryvale

Rep. Richard C. Andrade, Democrat:; 602-926-3130

Rep. César Chávez, Democrat:; 602-926-4862

Sen. Martin Quezada, Democrat:; 602-926-5911

District 30: Glendale

Rep. Robert Meza, Democrat:; 602-926-3425

Rep. Christian Solorio, Democrat:; 602-926-4864

Sen. Raquel Terán, Democrat:; 602-926-3308


Gov. Doug Ducey, Republican:; 602-542-4331

US Representatives

District 1: Sedona

Rep. Tom O’Halleran, Democrat: Email; 202-225-3361

District 2: Tucson

Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, Democrat: Email; 202-225-2542

District 3: Tucson

Rep. Raul Grijalva, Democrat: Email; 202-225-2435

District 4 : Prescott

Rep. Paul Gosar, Republican: Email; 202-225-2315

District 5: Gilbert

Rep. Andy Biggs, Republican: Email; 202-225-2635

District 6: Fountain Hills

Rep. David Schweikert, Republican: Email; 202-225-2190

District 7: Phoenix

Rep. Ruben Gallego, Democrat: Email; 202-225-4065

District 8: Peoria

Rep. Debbie Lesko, Republican: Email; 202-225-4576

District 9: Phoenix

Rep. Greg Stanton, Democrat: Email; 202-225-9888

US Senators

Sen. Mark Kelly, Democrat: Email; 202-224-2235

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, Democrat: Email; 202-224-4521