Here are the best ways to contact your elected representatives and senators in the Arizona Legislature in addition to your US Congress members.

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Arizona Legislature

District 1: Prescott, Sedona

Rep. Selina Bliss, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-4018

Rep. Quang H. Nguyen, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-3258

Sen. Ken Bennett, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-5874

District 2: north Phoenix

Rep. Judy Schwiebert, Democrat: [email protected]v; 602-926-3390

Rep. Justin Wilmeth, Republican: [email protected]v; 602-926-5044

Sen. Steve Kaiser, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-3314

District 3: Fountain Hills, Cave Creek, Anthem

Rep. Joseph Chaplik, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-3436

Rep. Alexander Kolodin, Republican: [email protected]v; 602-926-3560

Sen. John Kavanagh, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-5170

District 4: Paradise Valley, north Scottsdale

Rep. Matt Gress, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-4105

Rep. Laura Terech, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3894

Sen. Christine Marsh, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3184

District 5: downtown and midtown Phoenix

Rep. Jennifer Longdon, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3264

Rep. Amish Shah, Democrat: [email protected]; 692-926-3280

Sen. Lela Alston, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-5829

District 6: Flagstaff, Page

Rep. Mae Peshlakai, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3708

Rep. Myron Tsosie, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3157

Sen. Theresa Hatathlie, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-5160

District 7: Flagstaff, Payson, Globe

Rep. David Marshall Sr., Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-3579

Rep. David L. Cook, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-5162

Sen. Wendy Rogers, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-3042

District 8: Tempe, Scottsdale

Rep. Athena Salman, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-4858

Rep. Melody Hernandez, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3449

Sen. Juan Mendez, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-4124

District 9: Mesa

Rep. Lorena Austin, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3968

Rep. Seth Blattman, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3996

Sen. Eva Burch, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3374

District 10: east Mesa

Rep. Justin Heap, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-4181

Rep. Barbara Parker , Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-3681

Sen. David Farnsworth, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-3387

District 11: south Phoenix, Laveen

Rep. Oscar De Los Santos, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-4098

Rep. Marcelino Quiñonez Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3285

Sen. Catherine Miranda, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3413

District 12: Ahwatukee, Chandler

Rep. Patricia Contreras, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-4057

Rep. Stacey Travers, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3917

Sen. Mitzi Epstein, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-4870

District 13: Chandler, Gilbert

Rep. Jennifer Pawlik, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3193

Rep. Liz Harris, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-4153

Sen. J.D. Mesnard, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-4481

District 14: Gilbert, Queen Creek

Rep. Travis Grantham, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-4868

Rep. Laurin Hendrix, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-4209

Sen. Warren Petersen, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-4136

District 15: south Mesa, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley

Rep. Neal Carter, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-5761

Rep. Jacqueline Parker, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-3375

Sen. Jake Hoffman, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-3292

District 16: Casa Grande, west Tucson

Rep. Keith Seaman, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3760

Rep. Teresa Martinez, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-3158

Sen. Thomas (TJ) Shope, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-3012

District 17: Marana, Oro Valley

Rep. Rachel Jones, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-3558

Rep. Cory McGarr, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-3630

Sen. Justine Wadsack, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-3106

District 18: Catalina Foothills, northeast Tucson

Rep. Christopher Mathis, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3138

Rep. Nancy Gutierrez, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-4134

Sen. Priya Sundareshan, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3437

District 19: Safford, Sierra Vista

Rep. Lupe Diaz, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-4852

Rep. Gail Griffin, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-5895

Sen. David Gowan, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-5154

District 20: Tucson

Rep. Alma Hernandez, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3136

Rep. Andrés Cano, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3027

Sen. Sally Ann Gonzales, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-4173

District 21: Nogales, Bisbee

Rep. Consuelo Hernandez, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3523

Rep. Stephanie Stahl Hamilton, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3279

Sen. Rosanna Gabaldón, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3424

District 22: Tolleson, Goodyear

Rep. Lupe Contreras, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-5284

Rep. Leezah Elsa Sun, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3881

Sen. Eva Diaz, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3473

District 23: Yuma, Ajo, west Goodyear, south Buckeye

Rep. Michele Peña, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-3696

Rep. Mariana Sandoval, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3740

Sen. Brian Fernandez, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3098

District 24: Glendale, Maryvale

Rep. Analise Ortiz, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3633

Rep. Lydia Hernandez, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3553

Sen. Anna Hernandez, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3492

District 25: Buckeye, Maricopa, Yuma

Rep. Tim Dunn, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-4139

Rep. Michael Carbone, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-4038

Sen. Sine Kerr, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-5955

District 26: Phoenix, Alhambra

Rep. Flavio Bravo, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-4033

Rep. Cesar Aguilar, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3953

Sen. Raquel Terán, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3308

District 27: Peoria

Rep. Kevin Payne, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-4854

Rep. Ben Toma, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-3298

Sen. Anthony Kern, Republican [email protected]; 602-926-3497

District 28: Sun City, Sun City West

Rep. David Livingston, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-4178

Rep. Beverly Pingerelli, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-3396

Sen. Frank P. Carroll, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-3436

District 29: Surprise, Litchfield Park, Luke Air Force Base

Rep. Steve Montenegro, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-3635

Rep. Austin Smith, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-3831

Sen. Janae Shamp, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-3499

District 30: Lake Havasu City, Kingman, Wickenburg

Rep. Leo Biasiucci, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-3018

Rep. John Gillette, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-926-4100

Sen. Sonny Borrelli, Republican: [email protected]; 602-926-5051


Gov. Katie Hobbs, Democrat: [email protected]; 602-542-4331

US Representatives

District 1: Scottsdale

Rep. David Schweikert, Republican: Email; 202-225-2190

District 2: Flagstaff, Prescott

Rep. Eli Crane, Republican: Email; 202-225-3361

District 3: Phoenix

Rep. Ruben Gallego, Democrat: Email; 202-225-4065

District 4 : Tempe, Mesa, Chandler

Rep. Greg Stanton, Democrat: Email; 202-225-9888

District 5: Gilbert, Apache Junction, Queen Creek

Rep. Andy Biggs, Republican: Email; 202-225-2635

District 6: Casa Grande, Tucson

Rep. Juan Ciscomani, Republican: Email; 202-225-2542

District 7: Tucson, Nogales, Yuma

Rep. Raul Grijalva, Democrat: Email; 202-225-2435

District 8: Peoria, Glendale

Rep. Debbie Lesko, Republican: Email; 202-225-4576

District 9: Kingman, Yuma

Rep. Paul Gosar, Republican: Email; 202-225-2315

US Senators

Sen. Mark Kelly, Democrat: Email; 202-224-2235

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, Democrat: Email; 202-224-4521