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Has anyone checked on the Declaration of Independence? 

Scores of right-wing extremists stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday in a violent and vocal objection to President-elect Joe Biden winning the 2020 election. 

Watching domestic terrorists bust into the Capitol was difficult to watch for most Americans, and many are still working to process what happened this week. 

Since humor can help with coping, we’re bringing you the best memes inspired by what went down in DC. 

Jake Angeli, a well-known right-wing figure in Phoenix, starred in many of them. Angeli always appears at events wearing a fur hat, bullhorns, and face paint. 

Others dealt with bewilderment over how people were able to easily break into one of the most secure buildings in the country. 

And many referenced a movie scene we all know and love—Nicolas Cage stealing the Declaration of Independence in “National Treasure.” 

Others just expressed general dismay about the state of things. 

But it’s going to take a lot more than some laughs to move on from this dark day in US history. 

Some political leaders are calling for the president’s removal, either through the 25th Amendment or impeachment. 

As we wait to see what action will be taken, here are some tips for helping you and your family process this difficult time.