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The Senator lashed out when asked about considering new evidence in Trump’s impeachment trial.

A question from CNN congressional correspondent Manu Raju about President Trump’s upcoming impeachment trial received a harsh response from Sen. Martha McSally Thursday morning.

“Manu, you’re a liberal hack. I’m not talking to you,” McSally said while quickly walking past Raju. The reporter’s question was in regard to whether or not the Senate would consider emerging evidence in Trump’s upcoming trial. 

The House voted to impeach Trump Dec. 18. Since the vote, John Bolton, former National Security Advisor, and Lev Parnas, associate of Rudy Giuliani, have both agreed to testify in the trial. Parnas told news outlets on Wednesday that Trump’s decision to withhold aid from Ukraine was for personal and political gain, contradicting the President’s claim that he did it to root out corruption.

McSally, a longtime Trump supporter, previously told a group of supporters that the Senate trial was an opportunity to “stick it” to Democrats. The trial is expected to begin at noon on Thursday.