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Photo by Bret Kavanaugh
Hospitals in Arizona Asked to ‘Fully Activate’ After Steady Climb of COVID-19 Cases Over Two Weeks

Hospitals have once again been asked to postpone elective surgeries in order to save room for coronavirus patients.

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IN PHOTOS: What Happens When A Restaurant Reopens During A Pandemic

Restaurants — big and small — had to quickly adapt during social distancing to offer either delivery, take-out, or both. Here's how the reopening looks like.

two healthcare workers dressed in smocks and masks test a coronavirus test sample
Arizona Just Got $150M From The CDC To Fight Coronavirus. Here’s How They’re Going To Use It.

News of the additional funding comes as the Arizona Department of Health Services reported 43 new COVID-19 deaths on Wednesday.

Latino Salon owners
No PPP And No Options: Why These Latino Salon Owners Had No Choice But To Reopen

These Latino beauty salon owners had no choice but to get back in business amid the pandemic and their fears of coronavirus.

Arizonans reopen economy
More Than 50% of Arizonans Feel It’s Too Soon to Reopen Economy

While some Arizonans are ready to reopen the economy during the pandemic, a new poll and several business owners feel it's too soon.

Arizona cities reopening COVID-19
PHOTOS: What Reopening Looked Like In Arizona Cities This Weekend

With some people practicing social distancing and others not as the economy reopens, only time will tell the impact on COVID-19 spread in Arizona.

two people sitting at table at restaurant while waitress in mask speaks with them
Whether Arizona Decreases Its COVID-19 Cases Comes Down to This

If people aren’t responsible as businesses begin to reopen, the percentage of positive coronavirus cases in Arizona is expected to increase.