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Abortion Is Now Illegal in Arizona in Almost All Cases. Here’s How We Got Here.

More than 90% of Arizonans oppose the state’s current abortion ban, a law that had until now been blocked by the 1973 Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade.

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Meet the More Than 70 Educators Who Are Running For The Arizona Legislature This Year

A growing number of Arizona’s legislators are current and former educators—and even more are on the ballot this year, vying for a seat at the Capitol.

Bill Schneider stands near Antelope Point's public launch ramp on Lake Powell on July 31, 2021, near Page, Ariz.
US to Hold Back Lake Powell Water to Protect Hydropower

US officials announced steps to keep hundreds of billions of gallons of water stored in Lake Powell to prevent it from shrinking.

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Arizona Wildfire Doubles in Size Near College Town

Coconino County officials said during an evening news conference that 766 homes and 1,000 animals had been evacuated.

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Chandler Library Reopens 6 Months After Nearby Explosion Shut It Down

The Sunset Library, at Ray and Rural roads, was forced to close again Aug. 26 because of damages caused by an explosion.

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Arizonans Can Move Driver’s License to Their Phones—But Not Much More

“You’d still need your driver’s license or state ID, the physical copy, to show any business that you’d need your ID shown or obviously to deal with law enforcement.”

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Retired Republican State Legislator Gets Prison For Filing False Tax Return

The former legislator and justice of the peace agreed that the tax loss resulting from his conduct was over $200,000.