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Kari Lake and Rep. Ruben Gallego seen at Sky Harbor Airport. Image via Daily Caller.
WATCH: Rep. Ruben Gallego and Kari Lake Debate Border Security, Veterans Benefits

Lake accused Gallego of voting against the interests of veterans—despite Gallego being a veteran—and reiterated a false claim regarding how fentanyl is brought into the US.

Photo by Alex Appel/Howard Center for Investigative Journalism
Ducey’s Legacy: A $200 Million, Defunct, Shipping Container Border Wall

The failed attempt at border security did more than waste tax dollars—it provides a glimpse at how Ducey was able to funnel public money to private interests, and circumvent transparency requirements to keep Arizonans in the dark.

Migrants, some seeking asylum, file through the San Ysidro Port of Entry in this file photo from 2018. The Biden administration wants to tighten asylum procedures in an effort to head off an expected surge this spring when Title 42 is lifted. (Photo by Mani Albrecht/U.S. Customs and Border Protection)
Stricter Rules for Asylum Seekers Proposed Amidst Sharp Drop in Border Crossings

The government will accept public comment on the proposal until March 27, with an eye toward having it in place in time for the end of Title 42 on May 11. The policy is currently set to expire after two years.

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Where Refugees to the US Come from, and Why

In the first two years of Biden’s presidency, only approximately 37,000 refugees were admitted into the US—less than any president since the US refugee resettlement program began in 1980.

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Arizona’s Shipping Container Wall on Border Is Coming Down

Removal of the containers has created a stark visual shift in affected sections of Arizona's southern landscape as a new governor takes power and inherits the $171 million project from her predecessor.

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Ducey Continues To Build His $100 Million Shipping Container ‘Border,’ Leaving an Expensive Mess for Gov.-Elect Katie Hobbs

Federal agencies have told Arizona the construction on US land is unlawful, and environmental groups say the containers could imperil natural water systems and endanger species.

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Judge Orders End to Trump-Era Asylum Restrictions at Border

Migrants have been expelled from the United States more than 2.4 million times since the rule took effect in March 2020, denying migrants rights to seek asylum under US and international law on grounds of preventing the spread of COVID-19.