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Trump Tries Blaming Mexico for Arizona’s Latest COVID Outbreak

Trump's unfounded claim is at odds with the opinion of health experts, who say the state's hasty reopening led to the virus' resurgence.

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From Undocumented To Unafraid, This Woman Used Her Past To Fuel Her Future.

Her path to becoming an immigration attorney began in childhood, with a journey across the Chihuahua Desert into the United States.

WATCH: Mexico Is Screening Visitors For Coronavirus At The Border. The U.S. Really Isn’t.

The Mexican government added a series of health checkpoints at the border to reduce the risk of a coronavirus outbreak from U.S. visitors.

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Trump’s Border Shutdown Is A Reality— And A Nightmare

The new restrictions block 90,000 trips a day or $2.1 million worth of goods. Towns along the world's busiest border have never struggled so much—not even after 9/11.

Immigration Judges Say Their Courts Are a Health Hazard and Should Be Closed

Lawyers worry their detained clients could contract the coronavirus while awaiting trial.

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Tensions Explode Over Plan To Blow Up Sacred Site For Border Wall

While contractors detonate explosives on public land, lawmakers move to lax regulations for border wall construction on private property.

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Arizona Landowners May Soon Opt-In to Helping Build Trump’s Border Wall

Arizona is one step closer to having private landowner support to build Trump’s border wall.