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I’m an Educator, Mom, and Grandma. And I’m Here to Help Arizona Parents Keep Kids Educated Amidst Coronavirus

"Since the first cases were reported, the pendulum has not been swinging; it is spinning and the education world is trying to hang on."

Arizona Schools
Arizona Schools Are Closing. Experts Explain How This Could Have Been Avoided

Failure to increase coronavirus testing has left local leaders with limited information on how widespread the virus really is.

Arizona Taxpayers Are About to Pay For Out-Of-State Charter Schools

A bill on its way to Gov. Ducey’s desk would allow some of the state’s $110 million school voucher money be spent at charter schools beyond state lines.

Nearly 7,000 Teacher Positions Are Unfilled in Arizona. Here’s One Plan to Change That.

Arizona universities want to increase enrollment in the Arizona Teachers Academy, a program developed to address to the state's massive teacher shortage.

Student loan borrowers gain victory in Senate
Senate Votes to Stop DeVos From Further Hurting Defrauded Students

“She made it extremely difficult for these students to get any relief. These schools take the money and run, and the students end up holding the bag with massive debts."

school vouchers
School Vouchers Under Scrutiny, Sacred Lands Blasted for Border Wall: Here’s Your News Today

Find out what's happening from Arizona's northern canyons to its southern border.

Coronavirus Hoax Hits Mesa Public Schools

"No, coronavirus has NOT been reported at any of our schools. Any reports otherwise are a hoax," Mesa Public School officials said Tuesday.