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Neighbors Hope for Relief From Crematorium Smoke As COVID-19 Deaths Decrease

More bodies are being cremated during the COVID-19 pandemic and some nearby residents worry about the impacts. Rows of cardboard boxes containing corpses line the walls of refrigerated storage containers, waiting for charred human remains to be cleared from the incineration chamber to make room for the next body. The cremations continue through the night...

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Tourette Syndrome Symptoms Worsen Under Pandemic Stress

Two recent studies found people with Tourette's saw their tics, anxiety, and compulsions worsen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Can My Job Still Fire Me For Getting High on My Own Time? Your Arizona Legal Weed Questions Answered

We asked an attorney some of the biggest questions about recreational weed in Arizona. Recreational marijuana is now legal thanks to Arizona voters. However, legal weed seems to have brought more questions than answers, ranging from where you can smoke to getting your hands on seeds to start growing plants at home. The Copper Courier...

How High: What Arizonans Need to Know About Weed and Driving

Tl;dr: Drugs and cars still shouldn’t mix.  The legalization of recreational marijuana seemed to bring more questions than answers — especially when it comes to driving. How high is too high to drive? Is the smell of marijuana in a car alone enough to get someone arrested on suspicion of a DUI? Can a passenger...

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What to Expect for Arizona’s First Year of Legal Weed

Recreational weed is legal, but state health officials are still working to finalize the details before sales start. Recreational weed has officially been legal in Arizona for nearly three weeks now.  The passing of Prop 207 during the recent election means it’s legal for adults over the age of 21 to possess up to an...

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Recreational Weed May Be Legal, But Some Arizona Cities Have More Rules Than Others

Prop 207 gave cities the right to make decisions about limiting recreational marijuana operations and some are taking full advantage of that. Marijuana is now legal statewide and recreational sales are slated to start next year. But cities across the state are voting in new restrictions that could make it harder for some to get...

Biden Taps Medicare-for-All Supporter Xavier Becerra for HHS

President-elect Joe Biden has nominated the Mexican American official as health department secretary, placing this defender of the Affordable Care Act in a leading role to oversee the new administration’s coronavirus response.