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Aerial view showing Gladden Farms subdivision in the Sonoran Desert, Marana, Pima County, Arizona. Aerial support by LightHawk. (Photo by: Wild Horizon/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
Arizona Is Expanding Broadband in Rural Arizona Thanks to State and Federal Funds

Almost half of Arizonans only have one internet provider option, and nearly one-third of people in the state lack access to either broadband or any type of internet service.

Graphic by Francesca Daly
What Arizona Has Gotten Out Of Biden’s Infrastructure Law (So Far)

In Arizona, 250 infrastructure projects have been announced so far, and more are in the works. Here’s a look at the work that’s being done in the Grand Canyon State and how it helps Arizonans.

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Five Ways Democrats Have Helped Arizona Under Biden’s Leadership

From the American Rescue Plan to the Inflation Reduction Act, the Biden administration and Democratic leaders in Congress have passed an impressive array of bills.

President Joe Biden warned business leaders to expect more cyberattacks, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent U.S. military support and economic sanctions. Arizona cybersecurity officials said they are well aware of the threat. (Photo by Greg Wilson./U.S. Army)
Cyber Experts Thwart Russia Attacks Against Maricopa County Systems

Since the invasion of Ukraine in late February, Russian attempts to “attack multiple government agencies” through cyberwarfare have increased.

Nearly One in Four Arizonans Qualify for an Internet Discount. Here’s How to Apply.

The benefit provides a discount of up to $30 per month toward internet service—$75 per month for households on qualifying Tribal lands or "high-cost" areas.

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Federal COVID Relief Money Will Bring Free Wi-Fi to Phoenix School Districts

CARES Act funding will provide free Wi-Fi to 250,000 families who have students in 13 Phoenix school districts.

Broadband In Arizona’s Rural Areas Could Soon Get A Boost Thanks To The USDA

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is investing $1.6 million in a project to provide more than 1,400 rural Arizonans with high-speed broadband access.