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Strange reactions to corona virus
Apparently Coronavirus-Inspired Music Is a Thing

These are certainly strange times. Stranger even is the fact that a lot of the coronavirus-themed songs are Spanish-sung party tracks.

Latino Non-Voters Change Their Minds For 2020
Why Non-Registered Latinos Are Taking the Necessary Steps to Vote in 2020

Fueled by the president’s anti-Latino stance, they are taking the steps to make their voices heard in November.

Kerri Cleans The Streets Of Times Square During Coronavirus Quarantine-Essential Workers
Photo Essay: Faces Of Our Essential Workers

New York can't survive without the hard work of thousands of so-called essential workers. We wanted to put a face to their sacrifice during this pandemic.

Graphic via Desirée Tapia for The Americano
Less Than 16% Of Latinos Can Actually Work From Home

Racial and ethnic inequality strike back as Latinos and Blacks can't say "we are working from home too," a study shows.

Latinos Driving Economic Growth in Ariz., Report Finds

Latinos are driving small business growth in America, making up nearly a quarter of the net growth of all employer firms from 2014 to 2016.