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best quesadillas in arizona
Our Picks: Here Are the 5 Best Quesadillas in Arizona

The brilliance of crafting a quesadilla is the maker behind it: what the cook puts inside, on the side, or as a topper on a quesadilla, and why. 

Mayor Kate Gallego
Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego Stresses Social Distancing to ‘Flatten the Curve’

The Mayor is cautiously optimistic about how Arizonans will get through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ducey Banks $7 Million, EPA OKs Half-Baked Pollution Plan: Here’s Your News Today

Arizona's governor bought his new million-dollar ranch with cash and federal courts won't let the EPA ignore pollution: it's news you can use.

voter fraud
State Officials’ Steamy Messages Land Them In Hot Water

Rep. David Cook's love letters, and texts from a former governor's aide put a spotlight on misconduct at the Arizona State Capitol.