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land feud
Tribal Leaders Urge Support for Bills to Protect Cultural, Sacred Sites

Tribal leaders urged lawmakers to pass bills that would protect sacred sites by creating a new tribal designation and require Native input on decisions.

immigration tale of two borders
‘Tale of Two Borders’: Mexicans Not Seen at Busy Crossings

Families from Venezuela, Colombia, Haiti, Cuba, Brazil, India and dozens of other countries arrive in Yuma after wading through the knee-deep Colorado River.

mexico us jaguar
‘El Jefe’ the Jaguar, Famed in US, Photographed in Mexico

First spotted in near Tucson in 2011, “El Jefe” is one of the oldest jaguars on record along the frontier.

abortion arizona
Federal Judge Blocks Arizona’s ‘Personhood’ Abortion Law

At least four other states have similar “personhood” laws in effect, including Missouri, Kansas, Georgia and Alabama.

Abortion Arizona
High Court: Arizona Can Enforce Genetic Issue Abortion Ban

In Thursday's genetic abnormality ruling, the Supreme Court sent the case back to the federal judge in Phoenix who had blocked it last September.

Climate Latino Activism
Latino Activism Leads in Grassroot Efforts on Climate Change

Latinos in the US are leading the way in activism around climate change, often drawing on traditions from their ancestral homelands.

Formula Fight
Arizona Parents on the Hunt for Baby Formula Turn to Each Other for Help

President Joe Biden this month invoked the Defense Production Act, authorizing the use of Pentagon-contracted aircraft to speed the import of formula from Europe.