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The Expendables (Photo courtesy of Buds-A-Palooza)
5 Things to Know About Buds-A-Palooza, the Dopest Cannabis Festival in Phoenix

The second annual Buds-A-Palooza is on Friday, April 14, and runs from 4:20 p.m. until midnight.

(Pexels Photo/Nataliya Vaitkevich)
Everything Out-of-Towners Need to Know About Recreational Marijuana in Arizona 

With an expected 100,000 people traveling to Arizona this weekend, Mint Cannabis is preparing for an uptick in sales and new customers. 

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‘C’ You Later: Cannabis Sales Soar, but Don’t Threaten Arizona’s 5 C’s Yet

Marijuana sales brought in $221 million in taxes in 2021, and sales in 2022 were on pace to eclipse that number, with $196 million in taxes in the first nine months of the year.

Photo courtesy Mint Cafe
A First-Timer’s Guide to Buying Recreational Weed in Arizona

Are you canna-curious? Here's everything you need to know before stepping inside your first dispensary.

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Democrats Renew Push for Biden to Decriminalize Weed, an Idea Arizonans Overwhelmingly Support.

Decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana is overwhelmingly popular with Arizonans of all political affiliations, as 70% of voters in the state support legalization.

9th Circuit Court of Appeals
Phoenix Lawyer Known for Defending Election Integrity, Invest in Ed, Nominated to 9th Circuit

Roopali Desai is Biden’s first nomination to the Phoenix chambers, and would be the first South Asian Judge on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Courtesy of The Flower Shop AZ
7 Questions With Greta Brandt of The Flower Shop AZ About How the Cannabis Industry Has Changed

Seven months after recreational marijuana sales first kicked off, things have changed for Arizona dispensaries.