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woman loads sheep skin into truck bed
Native Americans Turn to Traditional Farming as COVID Decimates Food Supply

The pandemic led to an initiative that provides Navajos with sheep to raise and the means to start their own gardens.

Page Mayor Navajo Nation
He Said What? Page Mayor Apologizes For Making Insensitive Comment About Navajo Nation

Page Mayor Levi Tappan is facing backlash for saying, “I wish he would battle alcoholism as hard as COVID19.”

navajo nation sisters died COVID-19
Two Heroes: The Navajo Nation Mourns Sisters Who Both Died From COVID-19 in April

Sisters Corrina and Cheryl Thinn, who served their community, tragically passed away in April as a result of COVID-19.

tribes Alaska Native
Tribes: Why Is a For-Profit Alaska Native Corporation Getting Coronavirus Relief?

The corporations are unique to Alaska and own most Native lands in the state under a 1971 settlement but are not tribal governments.

Photo by Sarah Jarvis, Cronkite News.
Native Americans Post Videos As Way to Offer Hope and Spiritual Support During Pandemic

“We believe they help take our prayers and songs up to the Creator. The dance can offer hope and healing for those who need it.”

2020 Census
How Native Communities Are Fighting To Be Accurately Counted In The 2020 Census

Arizona's Indigenous Communities are fighting to count in the 2020 Census despite challenges with language, technology, and lack of local census takers.

Women, Water, And Sacred Land: Arizona’s Continued Fight for Indigenous Rights

“Everybody’s dropping the ball and nobody’s working together…” Here’s what happened this week during the Indigenous People’s Caucus at the State Capitol.