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Photo by Robert Gundran
Here’s How Arizona Animal Welfare League Houses Over 400 Animals and Maintains a ‘No-Kill’ Status

The nonprofit says its "no-kill" designation resulted in over 2,000 saved animals in 2022.

Phoenix Sky Harbor Workers File Complaint, Vote to Strike Over Dangerous Working Conditions and Low Wages

Two groups of airport workers are speaking out about what they say are dangerous working conditions and low wages at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Photo by Louis Hansel/Unsplash
Your Guide to Celebrating Oktoberfest 2023 in Arizona

From Flagstaff to Tucson, there's an Oktoberfest celebration wherever you may be in Arizona.

Photo by Joel Zolondek / Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Phoenix
Joining the Fight to Protect Human Rights

OPINION: During a time when rights for women and minorities are under attack, and with Jewish communities experiencing increased hate crimes, it's reassuring to know that I'm supported by the people around me. 

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Arizona Corporation Commission Lets APS Keep Customers in the Energy Dark Ages

OPINION: Arizona’s utility regulators must step in and ensure the state’s electricity providers prioritize sustainable, clean energy solutions over profit.

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Phoenix Police Pin Homelessness Advocate to Pavement Amid Heatwave

Sophia Dancel was providing aid to residents of “The Zone” when she was arrested by law enforcement who were there to clear out the area.

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VIDEO: Phoenix Plans to Recycle Wastewater for Drinking

The Central Arizona Project is investing $6 million dollars to build purification facilities, and the Biden Administration’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law includes roughly $310 million for water recycling development nationwide.