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9th Circuit Court of Appeals
Phoenix Lawyer Known for Defending Election Integrity, Invest in Ed, Nominated to 9th Circuit

Roopali Desai is Biden’s first nomination to the Phoenix chambers, and would be the first South Asian Judge on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Here’s Where You Can Buy Recreational Weed in Arizona

Dozens of dispensaries have already been approved to sell recreational marijuana with more expected in the coming weeks. Adults age 21 and over can officially buy recreational weed from dispensaries across the state. The Arizona Department of Health Services has already approved dozens of dispensaries that once only sold medicinal to expand their sales to...

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How High Is Too High to Drive? Proposed Bill Would Set Limits for Weed DUI.

States like Nevada, Colorado, and Washington already have similar limits in place. A bill introduced in the Arizona Legislature would define exactly how much weed someone has to have in their system to be considered too high to drive. Currently, drivers can be convicted of driving under the influence if they have any level of...

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Recreational Weed Sales Officially Given the Green Light in Arizona

ADHS said in a statement Friday that 79 applications from across the state have been approved since Wednesday, while an additional six remain under review. After months of build-up, recreational weed sales in Arizona quietly started Friday.   The Arizona Department of Health approved the licensing applications on a first-come, first-serve basis for multiple medical dispensaries...

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Everything You Need to Know About Marijuana in Arizona

A guide buying, using, and everything else for everyone from the curious to the concerned and even those who just want to know where they can get high.

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Can My Job Still Fire Me For Getting High on My Own Time? Your Arizona Legal Weed Questions Answered

We asked an attorney some of the biggest questions about recreational weed in Arizona. Recreational marijuana is now legal thanks to Arizona voters. However, legal weed seems to have brought more questions than answers, ranging from where you can smoke to getting your hands on seeds to start growing plants at home. The Copper Courier...

How High: What Arizonans Need to Know About Weed and Driving

Tl;dr: Drugs and cars still shouldn’t mix.  The legalization of recreational marijuana seemed to bring more questions than answers — especially when it comes to driving. How high is too high to drive? Is the smell of marijuana in a car alone enough to get someone arrested on suspicion of a DUI? Can a passenger...