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Ukraine Refugees United States
The US Welcomes Ukrainian Refugees—But What About Black and Brown Migrants?

Immigration advocates have reported seeing border patrol admit Ukrainian refugees into the US without question while turning away migrants from Central America and the Caribbean.

US Sen. Mark Kelly of Arizona (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana, File)
The Biden Administration Will End Title 42 by May 24

Advocates for immigrants and refugees in Arizona say it’s long past for the Biden administration to stop using public health rules to prevent people from claiming asylum.

Bilal Alobaidi holding his ballot in front of mailboxes
Iraqi Refugee Votes in First US Presidential Election in Phoenix

Bilal Alobaidi came to the US as a refugee in late 2013. While he was able to get a job and exercise other rights, the one thing he couldn’t do was vote.

Trump Is Trying to Make It Harder for Torture Victims to Seek Asylum

The newly-proposed rule narrows the categories of people who face persecution based on race, nationality, religion, political opinions, or “social group.”

Arizona Capitol|Jessica Swarner
Advocates Take Home a Win After Arizona Senate Passes Pro-Refugee Resolution

More than 50 advocates took home a win after the Arizona Senate adopted a pro-refugee resolution they had spent the day promoting.