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Photo by Jonathan J. Cooper, Associated Press.
McSally Has Voted Over And Over With McConnell — But Now She Won’t Say If She Supports Him

Sen. Martha McSally often toes the party line, but hasn't yet said which Republican she'll support to lead the Senate should her party maintain a majority.

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The ‘No Corporate PAC Money’ Movement Is Growing. It Could Help Democrats Flip the Senate.

Several leading 2020 Democratic candidates are trying to win back the Senate from Republicans while refusing corporate PAC money.

Arizona GOP
Arizona GOP Chairwoman Tells ReOpen Protesters to ‘Wear Scrubs And Masks’

GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward is encouraging all ‘Reopen America’ protesters to dress up like healthcare workers in scrubs and masks.

Kelly Just Blew McSally Out Of The Water By $5 Million

Mark Kelly announced his campaign brought in $11 million during the first quarter of 2020, with opponent Martha McSally trailed behind with $6 million.

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Could Democrats Take Back The Senate? New Polls Say Yes.

Polls show Democrats leading Republican incumbents in key Senate races in Arizona, Maine, North Carolina, and Colorado.

Mark Kelly
Mark Kelly Has Raised More Money Than Any Other Congressional Candidate

Plus two other Arizona stories for today.