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Sun City West
Sun City West Closing Senior Rec Centers Over Coronavirus

Recreation centers in the Sun City West community in Arizona are shutting down for at least two weeks due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Hundreds of Arizonans Have Lost Homes Over Debts As Small As $16, Report Says

Arizona is one of 13 states where homeowners can lose all of their home equity over tax debt, no matter how small, according to AARP.

High Healthcare Costs
Steep Healthcare Costs Pushing Arizona Seniors Into Financial Hardship

A local  senior discusses her struggle to keep up with out-of-pocket healthcare costs. In October 2018, Chandler resident Christine Castillo faced a dilemma many other retirees find themselves in. The company she worked for since retiring from a state job in 2007 had no plans of renewing her work contract, so she had no choice...