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5,000 Deaths Later, Health Experts Still Say Gov. Ducey’s COVID Response Was Too Slow

Whether Ducey deserves credit or blame for alternately controlling and unleashing the virus is not in doubt — observers say he's earned both.

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Arizona’s Economy is Reopening. Here’s How We Can Beat This Virus Together

Arizona is seeing progress in curbing the spread of the coronavirus, but we still have a long way to go. Here are three things we can do to stay safe.

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WATCH: Rep. Kern Mocks Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego for COVID-19 Public Health Rules

Kern recently defended his disregard for Phoenix's public health efforts, questioning the need to follow rules put in place by a "Democrat mayor."

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Ducey Continues to Avoid Shutdown as Arizona Passes 2,000 COVID Deaths

The Arizona governor stood by his past response to the growing COVID-19 pandemic despite growing concern from health experts and other local leaders.

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Ducey: We Need to Stay Home a Little Longer. Trump: Nah.

President Trump announced plans to leave his home to visit Arizona the same day the state’s Republican governor extended his stay-at-home order.

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Trump’s Border Shutdown Is A Reality— And A Nightmare

The new restrictions block 90,000 trips a day or $2.1 million worth of goods. Towns along the world's busiest border have never struggled so much—not even after 9/11.