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Sinema Dead Last in Three-Way Race With Gallego and Lake, Poll Shows

After years of positioning herself as an independent, Sinema’s dash to the center has left a majority of voters in the dust.

McSally To Arizona Cities: Drop Dead

The Senator suggested smaller cities rely on trickle-down from larger regions who qualify for coronavirus aid, and called places like New York "Cash Cows."

Martha McSally
Arizonans Call Out Martha McSally For Not Hosting a Town Hall in Three Years.

This past Sunday, Rep. Ruben Gallego held a town hall on behalf of Sen. McSally, who hasn't held a town hall in three years.

Martha McSally
Where’s Sen. Martha McSally? After Three Years, Constituents Want to Know

Rep. Ruben Gallego sat in for McSally at a town hall event held last weekend to commemorate three years since the Senator has spoken at a public forum.

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It’s Been Three Years Since Sen. Martha McSally’s Last Town Hall Appearance

A local group is hosting an empty chair town hall for McSally, where Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego will answer questions on her behalf.