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chloroquine pills and illustration of its carbon structure
The Arizona Scientist Trying To Make Chloroquine Less Toxic

Dr. Xinxin Ding with the University of Arizona says his hope is to find a way to make taking chloroquine safer and more effective for patients.

phone showing log of where a man has gone in the past few days
Where Does Arizona Stand on Contact Tracing? In Short, We Don’t Know.

A COVID-19 data project gave Arizona a failing grade in its preparedness, in part because it hasn’t made its number of contact tracers publicly available.

elderly man in hospital bed hooked up to ventilator
Expert: Reopening Arizona Depends on How Many COVID-19 Deaths We Find Acceptable

As Arizona awaits a decision on its stay-at-home order, a University of Arizona epidemiologist says reopening businesses on Friday would be a risky move.

Courier Newsroom Illustration/Desiree Tapia
Three UArizona Students Tell Us How Coronavirus Derailed Their Lives

These three UArizona students have many more concerns related to the coronavirus pandemic than just classes moving online.

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1 in 3 Species Could Be Extinct by 2070

University of Arizona researchers found that a third of species could be extinct in 50 years if global warming is not reduced.