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Image via Rep. Ruben Gallego.
House Dads: Gallego’s Paternity Leave Shows Slowly Growing Acceptance

While he’s been out of the office, he has not been off the grid: Gallego has issued statements, co-sponsored bills, and signed on to a number of letters about issues like the historic heat wave being felt in Arizona.

Andy Biggs
Gilbert Congressman Calls For ‘War’ After Trump’s Latest Criminal Charges Become Public

Rep. Andy Biggs said that the charges filed against Trump for hoarding classified documents after his presidency initiated a "war phase," but did not offer specifics as to what that meant.

Ruben Gallego Outraises Kyrsten Sinema by More Than $1.5 Million in Arizona Senate Race

Over $630,000 of contributions to Sinema’s campaign also came from three private equity firms, and she received less than $6,000 from small-dollar donors who gave less than $200.

Photo by Gage Skidmore
Youngtown Resident Files Petition to Recall Congressman Paul Gosar

There is no mechanism in the United States Constitution to recall members of Congress, but the petition applicant is willing to give it a shot.

Phot by Jackie Wang/News21
Tohono O’Odham Leader Says Lack of Infrastructure, Capital Hinders Development

Witnesses offered a variety of solutions, such as making it easier for tribes to levy taxes, letting them manage their land based on tribal laws and regulations, and passing the Buy Indian Act.

Arizona State Sen. Raquel Terán Exploring Run for US Congress

The former chair of the Arizona Democratic Party is stepping down from her role as state House Minority Whip to explore a run for Rep. Ruben Gallego’s seat in the US House.

Morgaine Ford-Workman/The Copper Courier
How to Contact Your Representatives in the Arizona and US Legislature

Here are the best ways to contact your elected representatives and senators in the Arizona Legislature in addition to your US Congress members.