Stories tagged: "Why I Vote 2020"

Photo courtesy Calli Jones-Valerius
College Students Commit to ‘Highest Youth Voter Turnout We Have Ever Seen in Arizona’

Roughly one in five Arizonans are between 19 and 29 years old, and nearly 60% of voters under 35 plan on voting for Democratic candidates.

Photo courtesy of Mi AZ
Voting Rights Groups Plan to Reach Out to One Million Voters by November Election

The coalition says they contacted one million voters in 2018, and they’re on track to do it again for the November election.

Latino Non-Voters Change Their Minds For 2020
Why Non-Registered Latinos Are Taking the Necessary Steps to Vote in 2020

Fueled by the president’s anti-Latino stance, they are taking the steps to make their voices heard in November.