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Replacing an old toilet in a home could save 7,500 gallons of water per year.

The city of Tucson and Community Home Repair Projects (CHRPA) of Arizona are working to cut down on water usage by offering to replace some families’ old toilets for free. 

City officials told KOLD replacing a toilet can save 7,500 gallons of water per year and save families around $80 annually. Residents’ average water bill is about $41 per month, or $492 per year, according to the city.

People who are homeowners and Tucson Water customers may qualify. However, rental properties are not eligible. Mobile homes, condominiums, and townhouses can qualify as long as the residents own it and use Tucson Water. 

Additionally, the property must have been built in 2010. Toilets that qualify for replacement must use 1.6 or more gallons per flush and, in most cases, were manufactured before that year. 

There is also a maximum income for eligibility, depending on the number of members in a household. Families of two or more may receive up to two toilets. 

The program provides the toilet, hardware, and installation all for free. Interested residents can fill out a survey on CHRPA’s website or call 520-745-2055 to see if they qualify. 

Tucson Water also offers rebates for people who install high-efficiency washing machines and toilets, rain-harvesting systems, and gray water systems.