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Update: The Maricopa County Elections Department‘s new results show Woods leading for Tempe Mayor and Doreen Garlid, Joel Navarro, and Randy Keating leading the City Council votes.

Tempe Mayor Results (One Seat)

CandidateTurnout: 28.37%Results
Mark Mitchell10,98143%
Corey Woods14,44157%

Tempe Candidates for City Council (Three Seats)

CandidateTurnout: 28.37%Results
Casey Clowes10,89317%
Doreen Garlid16,11825%
Randy Keating13,89722%
Joel Navarro15,53524%
Marc Norman7,18211%

Proposition 426

Proposition 426YN
Chandler – Proposition 426 (changes the dates of the City’s elections to conform with election consolidation dates per state law)92%8%

Tempe unofficial election results provided by Maricopa County Elections Department.