voter fraud
Rep. Townsend’s Voter Fraud Bill Isn’t Dead Yet

Plus two other Arizona stories for today.

Puppies To Bark In The Park This Week In Downtown Phoenix

Plus more on grand openings and equal pay in Arizona.

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument|Stock Photo
Tensions Explode Over Plan To Blow Up Sacred Site For Border Wall

While contractors detonate explosives on public land, lawmakers move to lax regulations for border wall construction on private property.

voter fraud
State Officials’ Steamy Messages Land Them In Hot Water

Rep. David Cook's love letters, and texts from a former governor's aide put a spotlight on misconduct at the Arizona State Capitol.

Tribal Communities May Finally Get Access To High-Speed Internet

The FCC and Arizona Indigenous communities are working to bridge the digital divide in Indian Country.

Activists Demand Arizona Do Something About The Suicide Epidemic

"We want to make sure everyone has access to behavioral health care.” Jake's Law, HB 2764, is currently making its way through the Arizona House and Senate.