Annual Holiday Parade
Photos: Winslow’s holiday parade honors veterans, country, and culture

Winslow's 73rd annual holiday parade kicked off the holiday season in Navajo County this past Saturday. Residents honored veterans, country, and culture.

Thanksgiving week sees thousands slated for eviction in this AZ county

Maricopa County had over 44,000 evictions in 2018, which exceeded U.S. counties with double the population. This week, 2,200 residents also face eviction.

Driving Conditions
ADOT: ‘Difficult to impossible’ driving conditions expected over Thanksgiving holiday

ADOT is warning a major winter storm will affect holiday travelers. Driving conditions will be "difficult to impossible" from Wednesday to Friday.

Arizonans on Impeachment
Where do Arizonans stand on impeachment now?

Arizonans largely opposed the impeachment and removal of President Trump before public hearings began. Did the testimonies of Yovanovitch, Volker, Vindman, Sondland and Dr. Hill change their minds?

Enroll in KidsCare
Arizona Families urged to enroll in KidsCare despite program’s challenges

Children's Action Alliance in Arizona is urging families to enroll in KidsCare despite the threat to the Affordable Care Act.

Native Americans and Rural Arizonans
Health care for Native Americans and rural Arizonans under attack

A repeal of the Affordable Care Act will negatively impact hundreds of thousands of Arizona's Native Americans and rural citizens.

Will American farms finally get help in solving their worker shortage?

New bill would reform and expand visa program allowing employers to bring foreign workers to the U.S. to fill farm jobs.

Sen. McSally
Cartoon: Will Sen. McSally truly hold big pharma accountable?

Sen. Martha McSally said in a phone Town Hall that she will hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for "finagling" the system. However, she supports repealing the Affordable Care Act.