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campaign election COVID-19
How Do You Campaign When You Can’t Shake Hands? Local Candidates Are Finding Out.

Political candidates in this unique election year will adapt to the new reality and campaigns will go on during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tribes Are Still Getting Shortchanged in COVID-19 Relief

Tribes face barriers that include health, education, jobs, and housing -- all of which are exacerbated with the coronavirus pandemic.”

Arizona Democratic Challengers
Arizona Democratic Challengers Are Leading Funding Over Republican Incumbents. Here’s Why.

Political analysts have a range of theories on why some Democratic challengers have raced ahead of their Republican incumbents.

coronavirus relief payments
Did You Get Yours? An Estimated 80% of Arizonans Are Getting Coronavirus Relief Payments

Relief payments started disbursing this week, with the majority of Americans expected to get theirs within the next two weeks.

coronavirus bill
Coronavirus Relief Bill Passes Despite No Votes from Biggs and Lesko

The bill would provide emergency funding for nutritional programs, financial assistance, and temporary paid sick leave requirements for employers.