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Jessie Dwyer, biodiversity manager at McDowell Sonoran Conservancy, demonstrates how a transmitter and GPS tracker are affixed to the wild tortoises in the study. Photo taken Sept. 30, in Scottsdale. (Photo by Emily Mai/Cronkite News)
Slow, Steady, and High Tech: Study Using GPS to Track Sonoran Desert Tortoises

The McDowell Sonoran Conservancy now is doing its own study using technology to track Sonoran desert tortoises to answer such questions as how urban expansion affects the species.

bear arizona
‘It’s Alright to Be a Fat Bear’: Why Fat Bear Week Is More Than a Beauty Contest

 No one likes to get on the scale, but what if there was a reward for looking at the number? That’s the case for Crockett, a 2½-year-old grizzly bear at Bearizona Wildlife Park in Williams just west of Flagstaff. Every week, this 460-pounder willingly steps on a scale the size of a wooden pallet, and...

downtown Phoenix skyline with hazy sky
Here’s a Breakdown of Phoenix’s Climate Action Plan

The Phoenix Climate Action Plan focuses on two critical goals to achieve by 2050: reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build resiliency.

sleeping rosy-faced lovebird sitting on perch
Rosy-Faced Lovebirds Have Found a Manmade Solution For Keeping Cool in Arizona Heat

Rosy-faced lovebirds, which appeared in Arizona about 40 years ago, learned how to use human innovation to keep cool when temperatures soar.

two construction workers, one in front drinking from large water bottle
Biden Administration Launches Effort to Protect Outdoor Workers From Heat-Related Illness

The Biden administration last month announced a new effort to protect workers from heat-related illness in the US.

close up of Bartram’s stonecrop
Southern Arizona Succulent Designated as a ‘Threatened’ Species

The US Fish and Wildlife Service is designating an Arizona succulent as a “threatened” species under the Endangered Species Act.

a large yellow-green caterpillar perched on top of two hands
High Monsoon Activity Leads to More Caterpillars in Arizona

There are more caterpillars in Arizona than in years past because of the increased rainfall this monsoon season.