Rep. Ruben Gallego Helps Save a Life And Entertains With AMA on a Plane

Ruben Gallego

By Alicia Barrón

March 31, 2020

Rep. Ruben Gallego had quite the round-trip flight last week that involved helping save another man’s life and a no-holds-barred AMA.

An AMA is based on Reddit’s popular Ask Me Anything sessions where anyone — celebrities, artists, politicians, or regular people — answer any and all questions posed by people who happen to be online at that time.

AMAs also provide an excellent opportunity for elected officials to hear from and interact directly with constituents.

It all started on an early morning flight to Washington, D.C. on March 27. The Arizona Republic reports Reps. Ruben Gallego, Paul Gosar, and Greg Stanton were going to vote on the $2 trillion coronavirus relief package. A fellow passenger passed out in the aisle. 

Gallego is a former Marine with combat medical training.

That’s when Gallego heard a call for anyone with a medical background. He told The Arizona Republic, “I was hoping it wasn’t, but I thought it might be someone had collapsed because of the coronavirus. You can’t not help someone in that situation.” 

Gallego went to wake up Rep. Gosar, who’s a dentist, and both congressmen were able to help the man in distress.  

Gallego posted this tweet after the scary incident.

Later that same afternoon, Gallego boarded his flight back to Phoenix, where he learned the airline would not be serving snacks, but would be serving alcoholic beverages.  

So he teased his Twitter followers with an AMA.

A mere three minutes later, it was a GO!

Here are a few of the most interesting question and answer exchanges:

On that note, Rep. Gallego ended the AMA with this diplomatic tweet saying he could go on but either his staff would quit or his fiancé would leave him.

“Till next time.”


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